My name is Lennu.

Here are some interesting projects of mine:


Program that combines a WebSocket API and HTTP API of rock paper scissors matches into one. Made for Reaktor's summer job application in 2022.

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Program that you can browse your system's package information with. Made for Reaktor's summer job application in 2020.

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Note sharing service where all the data is stored in the URL.

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A tool for creating groups for courses. I was a part of a team that developed this project further during the spring of 2021 as a part of a university course. This was my first real experience in agile development methods in a team.

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Kanban board. Made for a university course in spring 2020.

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A bot that plays Othello. This is built on top of a template called othello-core, that I developed with a friend.

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A simple tool for managing books you've read or want to read. Made with a small team for an university course. Unfortunately the repo is mostly in Finnish.

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This site.

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